How to speed up your pc using 5 best tricks

how to speed up windows 10Is your PC or laptop running slow and lagging? Then you are in the right place, here I will show you how to speed up your PC or laptop.
There are many causes for the slow speed of the PC and I will show the solutions for those causes. These ways are the easiest and fastest.
so let's get started.

1. Using a power saving plan can slow down your PC, change your power plan.

If you are using windows  7,8,10 and your PC or laptop is working on power saving mode then switch it into the high-performance plan. First, go to the search bar and search for the power option and hit enter and a new window will open and switch the power plan to high performance.

how to speed up windows 10

2. Is your laptop is old? Have you ever clean it?

Yes! some time's cause of the slow performance of your laptop or PC is dust. Dust particles stuck into the processor and other parts of the laptop or PC that will cause the overheating of your hardware.
When your hardware is overheated then your PC or laptop try to cool it down as fast as possible in the result it reduces the performance of your hardware.sometimes your hardware reaches the highest point of heating then your hardware tries to shut it down forcefully and this may cause damage your data stored in it and overheat will reduce life period of your try to clean it up with a clean and dry cloth.
Cleans its fan opening, keyboard and every part of the hardware. When you are working on your PC or laptop try to place it over the solid and open place, this help in providing air to your laptop which helps in cooling down your hardware fast. As a result, your PC will work 100% better than before.

3. Windows drive may be full then run a disk clean up.

Disk clean up is the best way to improve the performance. Disk clean up clear the unnecessary files and folder(like temp files, junk files, etc.) from the storing drives, it's easy and simple.
First click on the search bar and type "Disk clean up" and hit enter.
Click on the ok button!

how to speed up windows 10

wait a min.....

how to speed up windows 10

then select temporary files and click on ok.

how to speed up windows 10

and select the delete button, its take some time and you are done!

4. Make sure you are using fully updated drivers.

to check whether you are using an updated version or not go to 
Start  button, then select Settings  > Update & security  > Windows Update  > Check for updates.
if it says the update is available then select Install now after the update restarts your PC and check the performance.

5. Disable unnecessary startup program.

when you start up your computer some programs automatically start running in the background. as a result, the performance will decrease. you can disable them, so they don't run when your laptop or PC start. many programs are designed to run automatically when your PC or laptop start To disable them first Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then select Task Manager.  
In the Task Manager select the Startup section. 

how to speed up windows 10,

To stop the program from automatic Run. select the program and right click on it and select Disable.
and whenever you want to enable it you can do the same.
so here is How to Speed up your PC easy and fast. I hope you like it.

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