How to get traffic on your website

Is your site doesn’t have traffic? Do you want high traffic to your page? If yes, then you are in right place.
Today I will show you how to get high traffic to your web page. So let’s get started.
Why traffic important?
There are so many benefits of high traffic on your site such as good ranking on Google, more earning from ads and Adsense, more popularity and many more.
Today I will show you a list of some websites that provide you with free traffic. These sites are also known as traffic exchange sites. These websites very good for getting traffic from the other world. these websites are work on” you see main and I see your” logic. Simply say you have to just see others web pages and in return other see your web pages.


Free Website Traffic

In my opinion, this is the best site for the traffic. You have to just register and log into your account. And then click on earn traffic, then download the software. This software is very good in performance and you just need to open and register in the software, after that this software automatically start visiting others sites.

And see the visits generates on the webpage. And if you want to start traffic on your blog then go to my website and add your webpage.

2., fast and efficient autosurf

This site is also good for traffic exchange but not better then Hitleap, that’s why I placed it in 2nd position. When you add your website on the slot it takes some extra time to approved then Hitleap. But this site also has some good points. They give you so many achievements as when you hit 1000 views they give you extra points for the bonus. Registration is simple. When you register, log into your account and go to the application section in the Left menu on the top. Then download the application and register for it and start surfing.

When you want to convert your points into views the click on My site. Then go to add my site and add your website. Then go to ”Assign unused points to all sites” when you click on it all the points that you earn the transfer to your websites as views.


Increase Website Traffic

This site is very good for organic traffic. organic traffic means you can provide a specific link to visit your webpage. This organic traffic may be from, or anywhere. Register your account, log into your account and then go to earn traffic and download the application. run the application and start earning views.

When you want to convert your Minutes into views go to my website and add your website and traffic start on your web page.


This site is simple and easy but not good as the performance of others. You get real traffic from real people on this site. The registration is quite easy just sign up and register. Log into your account and click on surf now button and go. You can download 10khits application or you can just click on surf button and traffic exchange will start up.

When you want to convert your points to visitors click on Website and link your webpage. And it automatically sends traffic to your site.



This website is quite simple than other. On this site, most of the traffic comes from Europe. There is no application for auto surf the only way is by the browser. Just sign up for your account, log into your account and click on earn credit and then click on start viewer.  

When you want to convert your credit to your visitors, go to My sites and click on Add sites. And all traffic transfer to your website.          
 I hope you guys like my post. 
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