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Hiren's Boot CD also know as HBCD. It is the software that includes many diagnostic programs such as data recovery tools, system performance benchmarks, partition agents, disk cloning and imaging tools, BIOS tools, MBR tools, and many more. Computer Problems for Other Fixing HBCD is a valuable tool for use in problem-solving and computer recovery.
Since it is bootable, the operating system of the computer should not be available for the usable device. It is essential that the computer is capable of running Microsoft Windows and Linux. The operating system is already running when most devices are also available.
When it comes to fixing a fixed PC, bass line, or just a bit, there are several ways to do this. Many use traditional clean installs, where the primary driver is rectified, thus leaving the PC clean and new, and the only thing that is very hard to do later, on the computer There is no one other than installing drivers or hardware, which usually takes 2 or 3 hours to finish. What will happen if there is a problem with booting a computer or loading the operating system? What if the BIOS (native I / O or input/output system) gets corrupted, thus not able to access operating systems like Windows or Mac, and is not able to access the files? Well, it's a solution, and it's one more easy to use software: Hiren Bootcod Hiren's BootCode is a boot disk utility that will help to improve and improve your computer easily. Such compilation software provides a compilation of programs to help solve most and some unusual internet and computer problems such as driver failure, embedded internet connection, and other computer errors.
Hiren's Boot CD

Password tool

In most systems, the password is an important security feature. But as time passes, a certain user can forget such passwords. Hiren's Boot software includes many programs such as Windows Key Finder, WindowsGate or, Autologin that help manages and remember passwords for forgettable PC users. Some programs also provide a requirement for password encryption and hard drive writing or deleting files or securing the net.

Mini Windows XP

A simple version of Windows XP is created as an option to use in cases where a separate or independent OS is required, such as in a scenario that a certain computer is full of viruses. In this way, another OS is working on the installed operating system, and the user can use any available program to repair such a virus so that correction is not needed.

Partition Tools

Partition is to split a certain part of a hard drive for backup and system files, like separating the whole part. In most computers, the primary disk is C: because it captures the operating system and program files. When the hard drive is split on the computer, then there is 2 independent drives, the primary for the OS, and the other for backup files. Since 2 drives are free, drives work differently and when corrupted, the second is not affected. Partitioning tools not only help to create a new partition, while still having an open operating system, but it also helps in managing and controlling the usage of these partitioning drives. As a computer user, the person can modify the modification, modification of any partition made within the computer through the compiled list of the program, or as one of the programs that save macro reflection, partition image, and partition. May be involved. And thus, the creation of hard drive partitions is reduced, without the need to install OS such as Windows, Linux or Mac, which is the main goal of these computer programs, which is to add, modify or remove computer drive partitions. Operating System Restore

Backup and Recovery

Files can sometimes be unexpected due to accidental deletion or the file was not recognized by the computer system. Though the search feature may prove to be worthy in Windows, it does not get any files even though the file is not available sometimes and still on the hard drive. One more thing to note is the backup and recovery of files from the computer. People may never know that during the disaster attack and files have already been disappeared or deleted, without any user attention. BootCD has a list of programs that can be used to easily backup files to back up, retrieve, and retrieve files. In addition to recovering other than backups, some backing up files can also be corrupted and some programs may help to make the file accessible and contaminated. Now, the main purpose of such a program is to reduce the burden of backing, though it can be a good practice. Such software includes GetDataBack, HDD Scan, and Recovery from the manufacturers of SeCElaneer software, Peripherform.

Antivirus tool

Most computers require antivirus programs. The antivirus program can be defined as a computer program that is designed to keep the computer safe and maintain, meaning that it is free of viruses and corrupt data. It also helps in computer performance in excellent condition so that the integrity of the hardware and system can be maintained. Hiren's Boot cd has many free antiviruses and can be used immediately. Apart from these objectives, some antivirus systems do not take resources very much and do not work in the background, unless the computer is inactive for a time, thus the processes of other programs that take more power and resources are preferred. Can be given. Some programs include Avira Antivirus, Spybot: Search and Destroy, and Malwarebytes anti-malware.

Testing equipment

Maintaining a fixed PC is a craft. It is hard in the process. There are programs in Boot CD software that can help to maintain computer stability. There are also programs to check hardware installed errors. Apart from these, a definite program can predict the hard disk or hardware life. Apart from the fact that known and unusual hardware activity and hardware can assess and test computers for life, it also tests a certain computer component for any possible errors that can make or corrupt the PC. It can also monitor the memory in memory to store RAM (random access memory) or processes. In addition to RAM, it can also monitor potential defects in hard drives, CD drives such as USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. It can give a report that a certain computer component has physical damage and the user has to check whether there is an error in the placement or the device is actually defective.

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