10 quick fixes to make android phone fast again

10 quick fixes to make Android phone fast again

All computing devices slow down with the use. No, there is nothing to wear and tear in. There is no such thing in the world of software and in most cases, electronic components are very flexible. If they work well, then they will continue to work. Computers, laptops, phones, tablets, etc. are slow with the user because they deposit data and junk. They also slow down because when you have too many apps on your phone after you have used for a year or two, computing resources such as RAM and internal storage become scarce.
That's why after six months of buying your new shiny phone You were feeling that it has slowed down. When the phone was new, it was very fast. But now you start to understand the interval, gradually the applications start loading the load. What is the solution?

We tell you 10 quick fixes that will make your phone faster, the faster it was, the faster it was when you bought it.

#1 Uninstall Launcher.

#1 Uninstall Launcher.

If you have installed a custom initiator on your phone, you should get rid of them. Pitchers, even the best, slow down the phone. The only acceptable reason to use the launcher is that when the stock launcher is not good and slows down, then this may be the case if you have been called by Chinese or Indian companies such as Gioni and Carbon etc. On some occasions, these companies have not been optimized enough by putting them in their phones and in that case, using a third-party launcher is a good idea.

But be careful if you are going to use a third-party launcher. Do not go over the bridge and just stick to a launcher. If you do not like the person you are using, then uninstall it before installing it.

#2 Stop Using Antivirus.

Stop Using Antivirus.
Stop Using Phone Antivirus.

True, like any other operating system, Android may have some security-related bugs. But you do not have to use the safety app. And this is something we are not saying. Google has said this before. In most cases, security applications do nothing. They just eat precious RAM and slow down the phone. If you want to keep your phone safe, then Download and install apps from a Google Play Store and other registered Authority you'll be fine.

#3 Optimized App?

#3 Optimized App?
Don't Optimize Your Phone

Nexus phones do not come with any customizable app and yet they are the fastest Android devices you can get. The moral of the lesson? You do not need a customizable app for your Android phone. Android has a built-in mechanism to customize itself. So if you have such an app on your phone, then get rid of it.

#4 Uninstall Unnecessary Application.

Uninstall Unnecessary Application.
Uninstall Unnecessary Application

Open your phone Settings and then find application and scroll through the list. We do not realize, but as soon as we use the phone, we often install apps that we do not need or maybe it is not even used and then forget to uninstall them. Clear the list now and delete the apps you do not need.

#5 Free Up The Storage

#5 Free Up The Storage
Free Storage Space.
When the internal storage is full on the phone, it can have a significant impact on the display of the phone, because the fuller disk is read slowly and writes the speed of the data. It offers intervals on the phone. To delete unwanted data (apps, videos, photos) from your phone or copy the data to a computer to free up space on your phone's storage.

#6 Make Apps Behave

Make Apps Behave
Make Apps Behave

 Some apps are required but they may also get bothered. For example, an e-retail app. You need eski But it is not necessary daily and you certainly do not want to run in the background forever. Go to Settings> Apps and force to stop the app that you do not want to run in the background. Do not worry, when you need an app you can simply tap on your icon and open it. It will start working again.

#7 Clear The App Cache

Clear The App Cache
Clear The App Cache

Apps like Facebook collect and store a lot of data in your cache. For some time, this could start the hardware of heavy phones. If you look at apps that are frequently crashing and especially slow, clear their cache and archived data. To clear the cache, go to Settings> Apps. Once you clear the cache, you may have to log in to the said application again and you will lose data stored by these apps (like WhatsApp Images) on your phone. But clearing this cache can often make the phone faster.

#8 Reboot Your Device.

#8 Reboot Your Device.
Reboot Your Device

Within the IT department, it's easy to hear that "have you tried to close it"? The reason is that it often works. So if you have not closed your phone in months and if you find that it has slowed down, then turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it on again. Closing the phone clears its RAM and closes unnecessary apps running in the background.

#9 Clear The Phone's Cache

#9 Clear The Phone's Cache
Clear The Phone's Cache

It's different from clearing the application's cache. This is also an option which we recommend that you try only when you have finished the other options. By clearing the system-wide cache, you can refresh the entire phone. To do this, you have to go into recovery mode, which is the most time difference for different phones. But usually, some buttons in it - volume and power - are pressed into a special method. Once you enter the recovery mode, go to wipe the cache partition option and erase it. This will remove temporary system files and junk, which you have submitted.

#10 Factory Reset

#9 Clear The Phone's Cache
Factory Reset

Once again, you should use it as the last option. Factory reset means that by removing what you have done on the phone, you have purchased it and taking it to your original software. It cleans all the data on the phone and gives you a device that will feel freshly new, even if its body is excessive. Factory reset is a good solution for a phone that has been unbearably slow, it also means that you have to re-install all your apps and then have to set the entire phone. You can reset a phone by navigating to Settings> Backup & reset.

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