10 tricks that will make you chat app expert


Everyone uses WhatsApp, but some use it better than others. They know it well, they know its hidden code and settings that are not clear. They know about their low attributes and not only know about those who are not generally used to use this knowledge in ways that are more powerful, safe and occasionally fun.

The exact opposite is how most people use it. Since its introduction in 2009, WhatsApp is emerging in an app that allows users to do more in a variety of ways. It was not always like that. There was a time when whites were a lot easier. But from 2014 or since, almost every month, WhatsApp has gained new features and new settings. They have just changed a multi-pronged app from a chat app that can not just call, but today also allows people to exchange money.

But as the app has been made more complicated, it is also difficult to keep a tab on all the changes brought by the app and it has brought a lot of changes, therefore, to keep it simple, and for users To make it a bit easier, here we extend the 10 features and the WhatsApp tips that will help you use the app more efficiently.

1. Mute the group chats:

It is never old. This feature is very useful for those who are part of many family groups without chat, without any desire. Or provocative, and sometimes part of the wrong school college groups. But there is a way to avoid group chats without leaving the group so that you can harm your aunt if you try. You can mute the chat group for 8 hours in a year. Once you mute chat, you will not get disturbed by harassing and often white pins. The conversation still exists, but you can always go in and read all the messages.

2. Know who saw your message:

This is the second magical Handicraft Transport. You may know who has read your message in group chat. This feature can be used by long pressing your message and clicking on info. It shows who has read your group message, who has received it and who has not received it.

3. Revoke sent message:

From the largest WhatsApp update ever, revoke or delete what WhatsApp calls it for everyone, the feature allows you to remember the messages sent. The Chat app has set a new time limit for messages you can delete and it is now less than 1 hour.

4. Limit data usage

Yes, voters should not be your biggest mobile data maker. In addition to limiting the overwhelming media files, Voyager is also an alternative to less data usage, which reduces the amount of data used in WhatsApp chat and calls.

5. Adorn your text:

In the mood for some art? Along with this, you can combine your messages using some style - or highlights - bold, italic, and strike thru. For example *Hi * for bold, _Hi _ for italics and ~Hi ~ for strike-thrus.

6. Customize notifications:

If you want, you can set a custom notification for anyone. This will tell you who has sent you a message without touching your phone To set up a custom notification, open a conversation, tap their name at the top and click on Customs Notification.

7. Personalize your WhatsApp:

 Enter a personal contact from your WhatsApp by setting up a wallpaper of the app. You will find this option under settings.

8. Mark as unread: 

This is an interesting one. Say you have a blue dot enabled but you have received a message that you do not want the sender to know that you have read. What do you do Check out the chat as simple and unreadable? Your message will not be read on the other side even if you've already read it

9. Email Chat:

You can email a full chat conversation on WhatsApp. This can be done through the Email chat option.

10. Pin the conversation: 

WhatsApp allows you to add three contacts and groups to the top of your WhatsApp conversation list. Just chat and grab, then press the pin icon.

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