How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

There are many good reasons to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. First, MP4 is one of the most commonly supported video formats, suitable for offline playback on almost any device, from smartphones to game consoles. MP4 also offers a good balance of file size and quality and supports subtitles.

There are dozens of programs (both free and paid) that can convert YouTube videos to MP4, but many are full of ads, apply watermarks to converted clips or contain additional software that you may not want, and it can be difficult to uninstall

Here, we will show you how to convert videos for free with 4K Video Downloader, which does not contain advertising programs or other junk files that will ruin your experience. The basic tool is free, but there is also a paid version available if you want to convert a full playlist to the MP4 format with a single click.

Before you start, keep in mind that the use of third-party applications to download YouTube videos is against YouTube's terms of service, which states that you can only transmit videos directly from your servers. It also exposes you to possible copyright infringement, unless you have the permission of the copyright owner, are in the public domain, or own the video.

If you only want the audio of a video, check our guide of the best YouTube software to MP3. Alternatively, if you do not want to download any additional software, take a look at the best YouTube downloaders online.

To Download 4k Video Downloader:

How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

1. Convert a single video

Download and install 4K Video Downloader, then find the YouTube video in your browser and copy the URL from the address bar. Open 4K Video Downloader and click on the green "Paste link" button.

4K Video Downloader can convert videos to a handful of different formats, but MP4 is the default, so you can leave the main menus as they are and simply select a quality setting. The options available will depend on the quality of the original video, and you also have the option to download subtitles.

Once the video has been downloaded, you can play it immediately in your default media player or right-click on the thumbnail and select "Show in the folder" to view the MP4 file.

2. Convert videos automatically

To make the conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 even faster, 4K Video Downloader offers a Smart Mode that allows you to do everything with just one click. Select 'Tools' and choose your preferred download options (format, quality, subtitles, and destination). Now, when you click on "Paste link", the video will be downloaded and converted automatically.
How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

3. Convert saved videos

If you have a video (or several) that you have already downloaded from YouTube in a non-MP4 format, you can easily convert it using the free HandBrake transcoding software.

Download and install the software, then choose to open a single video or a complete folder using the options on the left. You can also place files and folders in the main panel to open them.

Then you can choose your conversion options, including the format (MP4, in this case), the dimensions, the video and audio codecs (the default settings will be fine for most purposes) and the subtitles. Once you have finished, you can save the settings as a new preset, add the video to a queue to convert later or start coding immediately.
How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

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