How To Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos

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Does WhatsApps get flooded with auto-save features for photos, videos, and other media? You can turn it off

Whatsapp is a very wonderful messaging app that has become the preferred contact app for millions of people, with which more than one billion people worldwide are affected using Apple.

However, nothing is perfect, and whites are not without its quirks and foibles
One of the people who falsely falsifies people is that, by default, a notepad will download and store every photo, GIF, audio recording and video file that is sent and received in the application.
On one hand, this is great because it means that if you want to resend that menu for a while, you can only know what's saved in the app.
The second thing is that it can be very bad because it can take some storage space on your phone soon, at the top of rotating your galleries and folders.
Below we will make clear how you can turn on this feature and what you can do or not to save media files.

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos, Videos, and Other Media.

Open WhatsApp, as you are on the main screen with a list of current conversations.
Tap the icon with three dots in the top right
Tap "Settings"
Tap "Use Data and Storage"
Under "Media auto-download" you will see three sub-categories: "When mobile data is used", "When connecting to Wi-Fi, and" roaming ".
On all three categories, you can tap and select from a series of checkboxes that kind of kind approval for that type - if you do not want anyone to allow them, then select them for each category.
Also, note that at the bottom there is "the appearance of media" that you can check or un-check. It changes whether the media is downloaded to the virus or not, will appear in your galleries and folders outside of the app.

Final words
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