Hide Personal Data Without Using Any Apps

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Hide personal data means that you can not share with others, whether images, videos, documents, anything that is our staff, of course, we have to maintain the privacy in which our staff is. I think you have tried/used some of the applications to hide your personal data and some of you, Smartphone, had the option to hide applications and files by default. But not all smartphones have those characteristics. It does not matter and we have verified that this application is safe or not safe to save or to hide our personal data in those applications. I mean there are many applications in the Play Store to hide applications and personal data, but Google has removed some of the apps from the game store that are harmful to us and are stealing our personal data without our permission.

Recently, we have seen that Google has some of the Face Beauty applications and some of the Play Store VPN applications that are very dangerous if we use those applications or install them on our devices. We can not trust All applications on the Play Store are secure and Google does not offer any guarantee. But, once we install any application, Google provides security. All applications are safe or not. They are taking all the necessary measures to keep themselves safe. And sure of all Android users.

Today I am discussing a "trick" that helps you a lot to hide personal data without using any application. Most Peoples heard about the hidden little trick to hide their personal data. When before there are no applications to hide your data, once they are introduced in the game store, we have forgotten everything and those smart ways of hiding personal data. We know that our phone is not in our hands, it is always with our friend, but sometimes we feel insecure before handing over the phone to our friends and family.

Then, the guys try this trick before installing those applications to hide data. Let's take a look at how and what was the process to hide your personal data without using any application.

Follow the Steps Below to Hide Personal Data Without Using Any Apps:

1. Open your File Manager application and select your folder/file to hide.
2. Press and hold to see some of the options, you can see the option "Rename"
3. We have to change the name of the folder or file simply by adding a period (".") Before the first letter of your application. Eg: Whatsapp (default) - >>> ".Whatsapp" (to hide).
4. A pop-up window appears on the screen that says that once you "Rename" this file/folder, it hides the application.
5. Click "OK" to see that your folder/file is not visible to you now.

If the file still appears, open the file manager settings and uncheck the "Show hidden files" option.
To see, your hidden folder/files open their settings and enable the option "Show hidden files".
A simple trick that is not complicated and safe to use to hide ANY TYPE of file format. Hide your files a violation of seconds once before installing applications from Playstore and third-party resources.

Final words
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