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I received an email from a reader named John asking a fairly common question. John asked: "What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing and How to pick a profitable niche?"

So instead of just answering him personally (which I also did), I've decided to write the answer as a publication on What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing and How to pick a profitable niche so that everyone who reads can benefit.

It is one of those questions that is difficult to answer since almost any niche that many buyers and affiliated products have to sell can be incredibly profitable niches if done correctly.

However, we will see 3 different niche types in this publication that are a VERY profitable niche for affiliate marketing purposes ...

What is a niche?

Simply put a niche is what your website will treat, a kind of category. It can be very wide and very narrow. Let me explain.

For example, a broad niche is "health and fitness." Although it is already something specific, since people will know that they will not find articles about gadgets and games here, it is still extremely broad, 10% of all websites in the world probably fit into this category.

We can limit it a bit, for example, "sleeping". We now have a smaller category within "health and fitness". But it's still quite broad, especially today, believe me, there are thousands of pages about sleeping.

So let's dig a little deeper into our niche and let's say, we want to create a site about "sleep disorders". Now it's getting narrower. As our content becomes more and more accurate, there will be less and less competition.

And we can still go one step further and say, let's make a website about "sleep apnea". As you can see, now we have a very specific topic. If you create an internet site regarding sleeping, you may have thousands of different sites competitive. If you create a site about "sleep apnea", then probably there will only be some other sites competing with you.

These days, the competition is huge in all categories, so you have more chances of success if you find a micro-niche for your website.

Advantages and disadvantages of micro-niche websites

I think you already have a general idea about the advantages of creating a micro niche website.
  • Your competition will be moderate.
  • If you can create great articles, you will have more chances of ranking on Google.
  • Your visitors/customers will be very close to your actual content. If you create a site about sleep, someone with sleep apnea may not find relevant information and simply leave. But if you create a site about sleep apnea and support it with good articles, it will be relevant to almost all visitors to your site.
What are the disadvantages? If you think about it a bit, it will also be obvious. The narrower the niche, the fewer visitors it will have. If you are very specific with your topic, you can end up with only a thousand people around the world interested in what you have to say.

If you plan to place ads and affiliate links on your site, you will need many visitors to visit your site and click on these links. If you receive a thousand visitors a month and only about 1% of them click on your ads (which is quite average), end the month with 10 clicks, which will give you an income of $ 1 for that month. Actually, to begin with, it's not so bad, but your site should have the potential to grow

So, your most important task is that you will have to find a niche that is narrow enough to have minimal competition, but wide enough to attract a lot of people and has the potential to grow! If you choose your domain name wisely, you can do it easily.

How to choose a profitable niche that will be successful?

As they say, people connect online because they need information, want to entertain themselves or have a problem to solve. Your niche has to belong to any of these three categories.

1. Creating an information website

It can be directed to people who need information. For example, you can make a site about travel. Of course, remember what I said, you do not want to create a site about travel, but travel to Chile, for example. People will want to know what the currency is there, how much it costs to have a meal, what are the main tourist spots, etc. If you know a lot about Chile or are willing to collect all this information on a website, visitors will come.

2. Creation of an entertainment website/blog

Everyone likes cute puppies and funny quotes. You can create a site like this and be successful. Of course, you can not compete with giants like 9gag, but you can choose wisely and start a site/blog for cute little pigsreligious quotes or funny soccer videos, whatever you want.

Or you can write a blog with articles, fun facts, photos, stories. I think it's the hardest of the three, but if you're very into a hobby, it might work.

3. Solving problems

I think it's the best and the easiest. What problems do people have? All kinds of problems. They may have medical problems, personal problems, relationship problems, addiction problems, weight problems, financial problems, and the list goes on forever. You can create a site/blog about a medical condition and its cures, or how to lose weight, how to save money, how to stop smoking, how to find the right one, and so on.

If you have a problem yourself, it can be an advantage! It may not be strong enough to lose weight or stop smoking, but what happens if you created a website about it? You can have the motivation to continue your diet and share what worked, what did not work, the new methods that exist and so on.

Of course, as you will see, these are the most saturated niches, so you really have to choose wisely. A blog about losing weight is a good example here, but you can end up with the 10,000th blog in this area, so you should choose a less common problem or be more specific about it. be more specific about it.

What niche should you choose?

Now you have a general idea of what works and what does not work. But what should I choose? Well, if you have a special area of interest or hobby that you are passionate about, then the answer is easy. Just narrow or widen it to an acceptable level and you're done.
If you do not have any knowledge or special interest, you can find someone, a close friend or relative who is willing to help you and who is passionate about something, or choose a topic that you do not know much about but are willing to learn.

I'm sure you can come up with many ideas. But be sure to choose something that you find interesting because you will have to be at least a little passionate about it in the future. Do not choose a topic that you do not like, even if you think it would bring many visitors or money. The competition is huge these days and people will feel if you really do not care about the niche of your website and will ignore your site.

Once you have your niche, you will have to write excellent content (or buy it) and, for this reason, it is better if you like what your site is about. Your passion will bring visitors.

How to check if your chosen niche is nice enough?

There are many tricks but none is very accurate. You can guess, but you will not know for sure if the niche you chose was good enough. However, you can already use some very common tools to discover a little more about your possibilities. What tools am I talking about? Google for example.

You can open google and enter what you found in the search field. Press enter and see what comes up. Open the first articles and also check out the sites. Do you think you can compete with that?
Can you do something better?

Also, there are some words that will be your friends on this trip. Words like what, how, why, better. Add these words to your niche in google and see what kind of results you get. It may be a revelation for you.

What other tools can you use? Quora for example. Just go and check in on Quora and look around. Enter your niche ideas in the search field and see what appears. Is there enough rumor about your chosen topic? Are there any questions with many followers and upvotes?

Quora is a great tool because you can already see what people really want to know about your niche and you can use this information later when you write or buy your first articles.

Final words
Share this article with your friends and help to know about "How to pick a profitable niche". If you have any questions in this article let us know in the comment section down below. Like our page on all social media and help us to reach more people. Thanks a lot for reading. Cheers 🙂.

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